How we work

We follow a set procedure when taking on your project, through which our terms of service will be confirmed.

On receipt of your order, we analyse your requirements and preferences and send you a written quotation, before confirming a date for completion.

We carry out the translation, proofreading or linguistic review as required, taking your particular requests and preferences into account, and send you the final product following a quality control test.

We are open to your comments and suggestions at every step of the way, to ensure that the translation fully meets your expectations. 

Types of service


First and foremost, translation is a craft. Quite simply, the ability to speak different languages is not enough to be able to translate (and the use of translation software even less so); the translator must fully grasp the meaning conveyed by words in the source language (in which the original text is written) and be capable of reproducing this meaning in the target language. It is a craft that can only be honed through years of training and practice.

In-house, we translate from English and Spanish into French, our mother tongue. We have also developed, through a demanding selection process, a network of trusted translators who are able to translate into and out of other languages.

For further information about translation, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.


Proofreading guarantees the quality of translated texts. Among other things, it ensures that the terminology used in your publications is adhered to, that the style of writing is appropriate to the purpose of your text, and that there are no ‘typos’ or errors. Proofreading is thus the final stage in the translation process, at the completion of which your text will be ready to be published.

Linguistic review of websites

A linguistic review targets the typographical and linguistic accuracy of your website (spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc), whether the content be original or translated, in order to guarantee you a faultless ‘e-image’.



As a non-governmental organisation, you need to raise awareness, to convince, to attract attention, to defend a cause… Quite simply, a large part of the work you carry out will rely on the quality of your communication. Our great asset is our knowledge of this field of communication, which will guarantee that your text is as persuasive in the target language as in its original form. In appreciation of the nature of your work, we offer flexible rates to NGOs and charities. Please contact us to find out more.

Tourism and Hospitality

Your hotel or travel agency’s website and literature need to inspire and captivate people. To do so, the text must dare readers to dream, while still providing a detailed description of the services and facilities available to your guests. Thanks to our experience, we will perfectly illustrate what you have to offer, in order to attract as many people as possible. Contact us now; we can assure you that your journey with us will be a pleasant one!


If there is one industry within which the translator has no margin for error, it has to be legal translation. Strengthened by our academic training in this discipline, you can benefit from our experience of the legal sector in order to communicate in total confidence. And you can be sure that your access rights will not be violated at Trad&Is, as you are entitled monitor to the translation throughout its conception.


There are certain industries in which absolute precision cannot be compromised and, in translation, precision depends on mastering a subject and its vocabulary. When it comes to translating financial texts, moreover, it is of crucial importance to remain on top of the latest developments so that the translation reflects current trends, demonstrating the same accuracy of terminology as befits an economist. Our skill and curiosity will make sure you enjoy the whole ‘boom’, without suffering any of the ‘bust’!


Whether you are from a big fashion label or a small retailer, you need as many people as possible to know about your products. To do so, you must highlight the unique features of your brand but also, and most importantly, be able to concisely describe the features (material, cut, print, etc) of the garments and accessories you have for sale. If your eyes are set on the international market, get in touch with the translators whose experience of fashion material will ensure you won’t be stitched up!


For those of you in computing, software engineering or the IT department of a business, if you have documents which need translating, call upon the translators with their feet on the ground but their heads in the cloud… We understand the ins and outs of your profession and have a knowledge of IT tools and processes which will allow you to express yourself perfectly in a foreign language.